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First Edition of the Women's Production Fair in Haiti

The Fondasyon Klere Ayiti organized, on May 24 and 25, 2019, its first production fair presenting exclusively the works of women and women's associations at the Ritz Kinam II. This first edition was organized to encourage the women who work in the crafts sector, culture and Haitian production.

Under the theme, Ann kreye pou n leve, the Women's Production Fair brought together about thirty women and twenty associations and groups of women producers working in the fields of interior decoration, agro-business, fashion, textiles, aromatherapy, crafts. Among these participants are Phelicia Dell, Romylex, Rose Myrtha Lerima, Pression Lakay, Mari'Or, Métisse, Mystical Products, Ateliers Cala, Trésors de Gerry, Raco Deco, Stars Industrie SA, Afrikarib, Pascale Théard Créations, Yopasa Piment, Créations Dorées, the Ten Fingers of the Jacmel Valley, the women of the Village des Noailles, the young girls of the village Ravine-Sèche in the Artibonite, and the women's associations of the ANATRAF network.


Through this fair, the foundation encourages the economic empowerment of women and valorize local production by offering two days of marketing, and networking. During the fair, Haitian gastronomy was also in the spotlight. Guests and visitors were able to discover and enjoy the different specialties of our 10 departments: Tonm Tonm and Kalalou, Cassave and Mamba, Doukounou, Soup Joumou, Konparèt, Tchaka, Akasan, Rice and Lalo, Dous Makòs.


By participating in the first edition of the Women's Production Fair, the public was not only able to encourage national production, but also discover the talents of Haitian women. The fair also allowed the public to expand their knowledge of production in Haiti. The 1st edition of the Women's Production Fair was sponsored by USAID, Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) in Haiti, Embassy of Switzerland, CECI, BRANA, UN Women, Marketing Options, etc.

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