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Haiti’s First Lady Martine Moise moderates a panel discussion at the Adolescents Forum in Belize 

Accompanied by the First Ladies of Belize, Guyana and the Bahamas, the First Lady of the Republic of Haiti, Mrs. Martine Moise, led a discussion panel on Monday, January 27,2020, as part of the adolescent forum in Belize. 


Under the theme "Adolescents and Youth Committed to Change and a Sustainable Future", the Adolescent Forum in Belize, organized by the Spouses of CARICOM Leaders Action Network (SCLAN), was held in Belize.


During the exchanges that focused on sexual violence, HIV/AIDS, cervical cancer, mental health and climate change, Martine Moïse spoke of the progress made in Haiti. The progress was made through actions undertaken by private and public organizations, regarding the involvement of adolescents in society.


"You will understand why it is important for me to support this initiative of SCLAN, to organize a forum of adolescents during two days around the theme: Adolescents and young people committed to change and a sustainable future. Because above all, I believe that the time has come for us to start discussions and take concrete actions to ensure the well-being and a better life for our teenagers... Let's create room for teenagers, let's invest in them for a better tomorrow," she said during her speech.

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