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A dozen young people attend a First Aid training course.

At the initiative of Fondasyon Klere Ayiti, a dozen young people attended a first aid training course at the National Ambulance Center (CAN) on January 21st, 22nd, and 23rd, 2020. This will enable them to learn the right gestures to provide basic care to accident victims in case of need.


In a country such as ours, where road accidents are very frequent, it is necessary to teach the Haitian population first aid skills. In this regard, the Fondasyon Klere Ayiti has organized a seminar on basic techniques of first aid  in order to get young people more involved in road safety.


During 3 days, with the support of two experts from the National Ambulance Centre (CAN), the participants have learned how to control vital signs, identify a patient with cardiorespiratory arrest and recognize the signs and symptoms of someone in shock and other techniques to save a life. After completing the theory and practice sessions at the final assessment, they were able to easily perform a dressing, bandaging, CPR and acting on skin burns.


Now, these young people, who have theoretical and practical skills, in pre-hospital care, are able to provide effective assistance to victims while waiting for professional rescue services to arrive. In this way, they would help save many lives and reduce the rate of victims of Public Road Accidents due to lack of immediate care.

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