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Haiti in the spotlight at Fashion 4 Development 2019.

This year, the annual Fashion 4 Development (F4D) First Ladies' Luncheon took place on Tuesday, September 24, 2019, during the week of the 74th United Nations General Assembly in New York. For the occasion, the Fashion 4 Development team paid a vibrant tribute to Haitian culture, fashion and tradition.

At the initiative of Evie Evangelou, since 2011, Fashion 4 Development celebrates the cooperation between diplomacy and fashion for the well-being of women and children around the world. F4D offers a platform to highlight the diversity, emancipation, creativity, and empowerment of women around the world. Initiatives are being taken in over 20 countries to promote the message of positive social change that F4D conveys.


While the presidents and heads of state gathered at the 74th General Assembly of the United Nations, the First Ladies gathered at Fashion 4 Development's annual breakfast, in the presence of some of the world's leading figures in fashion and haute couture. Participants were able, to attend two fashion shows afterward: one paying tribute to the French-Tunisian stylist and grand-couture designer, Azzedine Alaïa, and the other devoted to Haitian fashion.

For this 9th edition, Haiti shone brightly on F4D international scene. Speaking for the occasion, the First Lady of the Republic of Haiti, Mrs. Martine Moïse, pointed out the importance of joining forces to contribute to the empowerment and development of women in the world of fashion and design. Thanks to the support of Fondasyon Klere Ayiti, the First Lady was accompanied by several Haitian designers and pro designers to allow the guests to get to know our diversity and cultural richness.

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