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MUPANAH – The First Lady Martine Moïse unveils the painting of: «the children of the King Henry Christophe.»


Tuesday, October 6, 2020, in the presence of the Minister of Culture and Communication, members of the government, art professionals, members of the diplomatic corps and international organizations, the First Lady Mrs. Martine Moise who is also the President of Honor of the Haitian National Phanteon Museum, unveiled the painting: « the children of the King Henry Christophe. »

October 6 marks the 253rd anniversary of the birth of the first king of Haiti, Henry Christophe. On this occasion, the First Lady, Martine Moïse, presented a painting of oil on canvas, of the descendants of the king, born of his union with Queen Marie Louise Malgrein Coïdavid, namely: Françoise-Améthyse, Anne Athénaïse, Jacques Victor Henry Christophe. After the death of King Christophe and their brother in 1820, Françoise-Améthise and Anne Athénaïse left for Italy.


Owned for years by the Alexander Art Gallery, the painting of the children of the royal family was acquired in 2018 by the Haitian government at an auction in New York through the Haitian Embassy in Washington, the United States of America. Let us hope that its exhibition at MUPANAH will allow visitors to the museum to complete their knowledge of this period of our history.

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